Saturday, September 22, 2012

Lacey Doll

Hello everyone!

Sorry it has been a long time! I've started my 2nd year of 3D studies and I need to work a lot. I've been wearing my dream catcher mani since Monday and it had only minor chips so I might keep it one day or so until I change. Next mani will feature my last franken! :)

Today I'm showing you a mani I did last week between two challenges for a lesson I had to teach my  bf's mother class about minimum nail care for labour world (and a bit of nail art!).

To achieve this look I started with one coat of Miss Cop - Beige to give a little bit of opacity to my nail, and then one coat of OPI - You're a Doll. (<3)

Then I stamped a lace stripe from my Konad plate m57 using Konad Special Polish - Black. Using the same polish and a tiny dotting tool, I did little polka dots on the free edge. :)

Aww look at these tiny coral flakes! I love the way it keeps the polish from being boring (being a nude). Thank you a lot April for helping me get it! <3

Did you like this mani? I really like the base color and I think the lace gives it a bit of sexiness without overwhelming it!

Have a great great day ;)


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  1. This is beautiful! The coral flecks in the polish remind me of a bird's egg!

    1. Thank you! That's what my boyfriend said too! ;)

  2. Hi! I’ve nominated you for the Liebster and Vertasile Blogger awards here: :)
    Let’s spread the word about fellow bloggers!

    1. Thank you vicerimus! sadly I've already been awarded for the Liebster Award but I'll do the Versatile Blogger Award post soon :)

  3. Beautifull ! I like this stamping, it's among of my favorites ones ;)

    1. Je trouve aussi que c'est vraiment un incontournable du stamping :) bisous!


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