Saturday, October 13, 2012


Hello lovely readers!

Today's post features a quite simple nail art, but it is really classy and makes your nails look longer/finer!

(I would love to give credit to the original creator of this style, but I didn't succeeded in my searches...)

To achieve the look, you'll only need two color polishes!

I applied two coats of an unnamed rose Avon and directly with the brush of my Wet'n Wild - Black Crème, I draw the lines (a little bit curvy on both ends).

I really like the vintage color with this design! I think this is a design I'll reproduce because it is so easy, quick to do and gives a chic look!

What do you think?

Have a wonderful day!


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  1. It looks beautiful! I love the colour combination you used

  2. Sometimes it's impossible to give credit... so many people do the same thing! This looks really nice, by the way!

    1. Yes I know! The first time I saw the mani was in Pinterest but then I looked for a source using google image, and sadly never found out! Thank you!


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