Friday, July 6, 2012

My June (American) Haul!

Hi girls!

When on Monday my cousin arrived from the states I felt like I needed to make a post showing all I got and how much I spent money on polishes in June, I need to stop now!

Look at all of this!

13€90 = 17$50

Obviously, living in France, I had to get myself a bottle of Black Spotted!

6€ = 7$50

I met a girl from a local pre-owned fashion fb group, and she was selling those OPIs that she never really wore. Deal! I now own Jade is the new black  and  Hot & Spicy.

34€ = 42$80

Here is what I got at Sephora's sale! It really was a score, everything was 70% off! The Skull & Glossbones bottle broke on the way back home, it was never impacted though so it might have been thrown on the store floor before... You can see here two DS Extravagance, and the others are Houston we have a purple , Dutch 'ya just love OPI? , I have a herring problem , Skull & Glossbones , and the Pirates of Carribean minis.

Now here is my american haul, thank you Camie for bringing them here!

40$? (=32€)

Look at these pretty bottles! I acquired them with the help of three girls from my birthday group! Yezenia ordered Laylas and I ask her if she could get me the silver one: Mercury Twilight! Rachel from Australia was having a blog sale and I felt in love with Hits - Cancan!

15$ + 5$50 = 12€ + 4€50

These are my Amazon orders! I've been lemming Peachy Keen for a long time! :)
Sadly there's a red angel plate missing... Did that ever happened to you?

30$ = 24€

Here is what I was able to acquire thanks to the lovely Genny! I asked that woman if she would be kind enough to let me use her professional sell price for some nail polishes and she accepted! Thank you again Genny!

GIFTS + (red magnet: 8€ = 10$)

Here is some gifts I received this month! :)
The lovely Dana, who had the travelling polish before me added Orly - Butterfly! She is so sweet!
My sister gave me the anonymous polishes on the middle and the sample of Sephora's nail wraps :)
I traded the China Glaze - You move me for a manicure with the mother of a friend who runs a shop for beauty professionnals. I also bought the magnet but it doesn't look good anymore: it took a bath of acetone :/

10€ = 12$

My friend Raphaelle who is in London as a "fille au pair" for the Summer bought me these in exchange of some polishes I ordered for her from Genny. I'll get Accessorize - Pink Spice and Max Factor - Fantasy Fire when she'll come back! :)

So I spent 144€50 = 182$ during June! Whaaaaaat!?! I was aware it was a lot but not thaat much! I'm surely going on a slow buy this month and the other! Oh and I remember I have ordered that Dollish Polish...

I authorize myself:
-that gold/green magntic from Claire's if it's on sale
-OPI - You're a doll
-Color Club - Wild at Heart
-China Glaze Fairy Dust
-3 Bundle Monster plates if I can do a custom order
-Once upon a polish
-the birthday group gift ;)

Watch me!

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  1. On paaaarle de moiiii?
    (J'ai testé l'accessorize :D Il est joli, mais pas opaque du tout (apres 3 couches ça l'été toujours pas. Du coup j'ai refait en posant une couche d'un mavala rose puis 2 couches du pink spice par dessus. Par contre le fait de faire ça réduit les reflets dorés.. Donc bon, faudrait trouver un compromis.. Mais même sans ces reflets il est pas mal :)

  2. Which plate was missing from your RA set?

  3. Hi! ^^
    It is the 102 one. hopefully they accepted to send me one back, BUT it'll be at my cousins and this time she'll not be able to bring them to me so I'll have to pay international shipping...


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