Friday, August 24, 2012

Cheesy! (My Favorite Thing Nail Art Challenge: "My Favorite Food!")


Today I'm featuring my attempt at day #4 for My Favorite Things Challenge! We were asked to paint our nails with the theme "Favorite Food. I don't know what my favorite food is, I'll always be really happy if I can eat salmon, but let's admit it, painting a cute little salmon on my nails and say that I do really like to eat that as much as I can is not really correct ;)

So I decided to go with a food I eat everyday and that brightens my meals: cheese! Let's be patriotic!

So, how did I do? Elementary my dear Watson:
Only one coat of my new pale lemon franken, some dots of a darker yellow!
Both polishes are mixtures I did but I would recommend Orly - Lemonade & Sally Hansen - Mellow Yellow ;)

I added a little mouse on my accent finger, using my favorite tiny brush, Confetti - Lonesome dove for the grey body, Wet'n Wild - Black Crème for the eyes and OPI - Sparrow me the Drama for the nose and ears ;)

I stole this idea from this girl (link inside!), check her blog even if it's in french! (In fact she posts the sundays on another girl's blog.)

I am really enjoying this challenge, do you?

You can find more informations on the challenge here: Ohlalapolish's Nail Art Challenge

Have a great day! <3


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  1. This is adorable!! I love the little mousy sticking out to say hi!! Mmmm cheese.

    1. Yes I really love that little mouse too! :) Thank you!

  2. I love the mouse!!! This is too cute!! This makes me think of Ratatouille.

    1. I LOVE Ratatouille! Thank you for this flattering compliment! :)

  3. This is so cute!!! I love that nail art, especially since yellow is ma favourite colour but there are few people doing yellow nail arts... The mouse is just soooo adorable!!! ^^

    1. I never know what to do with my yellow polishes, so I was happy to have an opportunity to make something special with them :) And they make my tan look SO BETTER! <3

  4. OMG, how cute is this!!? Adorable! The little mouse is just perfect! :D


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