Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Zig zags fade = Missoni nail art! (+ Tutorial!)

Hello Everyone!

Today I have a post that almost doesn't look like a gradient, but original idea for this nails was a gradient. I wanted to do a stripe fade à la Mr Candiipants, but using zigzags instead of straight lines.

Then I realised my design was more like a Missoni pattern:

I wouldn't advise a special base color for this type of mani. In fact I used a random light blue (from a Forever 21 set) for a first coat of opacity. Then using every time a zigzag pattern with my tiny art brush, I covered it completely with different colors (from the cuticules to the edge):

OPI - Dutch'Ya Just Love OPI?
Miss Cop - Vernis Pop Fluo n°6
Forever 21 - Unnamed light purple from a set
Sephora - Jacuzzi Bubbles
Essie - Navigate Her
OPI - Uh-Oh Roll Down the Window
E. Pinaud - Chocolat

I am really happy with this manicure, but it took quite a long time to do the left hand: I had not time left to do zig zags on my right hand, so I did a skittle mani with the first 5 colors ;)
Sadly because I was late my right hand nails have been damage so I don't if I'm gonna enjoy this mani a long time :/

Do you like it?

Happy polishing to you ;)


I just finished a tutorial for this design, this is my first youtube video!

I hope you'll like it! :)

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  1. Holy Crap!!!! That's AMAZING. I can't believe thats free hand. I'm in awe! You are soooo talented(and paitient)

  2. This is amazing Candice! I'm a sucker for Missoni so I absolutely love it. Did you free hand the zig zags??

  3. Looks great and I am following you on instagram now :)

  4. You don't know how much I love this!! It's amazing! I have to try this if I ever get some nail art brushes that is :P

    1. Thank you Abbie! I'm really happy your like this, I admire your blog! :)

  5. I can't believe this is free handed, it's amazing!


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