Thursday, August 30, 2012

CMYK! My Favorite Things Nail Challenge Day 5 "Polka Dots"

Hi everyone!

Sorry my post is a little bit late during the week but I have been overwhelmed by painting projects and my hands never got clean. I'll make a post about those projects at the end of the week!

Today I'm showing my entry for Day 4 of My Favorite Things Nail Challenge, which theme was "polka dots"! I had the idea for this manicure for a looong time ago, at first I thought I was gonna submit it for Chalkboard Nails Dotting Tool Contest!

I was inspired by the pattern we see when we look close to a CMYK printed poster! And I thought this was the occasion to take a try to the newspaper technique ;) On to the pics:

To achieve this look, I applied two coats of OPI - Alpine Snow.
Then I took my colored polishes and I mixed every one with some Seche Restore. I used Rimmel - , OPI - Fly, and.
I grabbed my biggest dotting tool  and started dotting, making sure that the dots were overlaying each others.

For my accent nail, I applied two coats of OPI - Skull & Glossbones.
Then I cut a piece of newspaper, dipped it in medical alcohol and transfer the letters ;)

Did you liked this mani? It is so eye-catching!

You can find more informations on the challenge here: Ohlalapolish's Nail Art Challenge

Have a great day! <3


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