Saturday, August 4, 2012

Saran Wrapped & framed nails

Hello everyone!

Last summer I bought a nail polish in a kind of a dollar store here in France but I never used it! It was quite a good brand and an interesting color but many not enough extravagant so that I'd wear it before today. I was thinking that I should use it these days and then I had a pretty good idea for this metallic polish: saran wrap! Maybe you don't know this technique but it's quite recent and trendy, so I'd planned to do it soon.

I thought it was a great idea to combine both the metallic polish and the technique that I wanted to try :) I added a framed accent nail to stay in the idea of first try & trendy techniques ;)

Enough talking:

So the nail polish I talked about is.... Biguine Makeup - Typhon Vert (n°6167) ! Here I applied 2 coats of it. As for every metallic polish the brush can leave strokes but you can control that if you're careful ;)

When the metallic polish was really dry, I applied one coat of Wet'n Wild Wild Shine - Black Crème. And when it was still wet, I dabbed over the nail a little ball made with a piece a plastic bag, creating the effect of saran wrap.

For the accent nail I just took a thin art brush and outlined the nail with Black Crème. I added a crystal rhinestone from Mellow Nail Art using my topcoat :)

I wanted to give a try to this new designs/techniques and I was really pleased with the results! I was really surprised how much I loved it! And a plus is that it was really easy to do on both hands!

Let me know if you are trying this look, I'll be happy to see the results! ;)

Have a wonderful day painting your nails!

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