Monday, August 20, 2012

Sephora nail patchs! (N°06 Impeccable Beige)

Hello everyone!

Today I hoped I'd show you a really delicate lacey mani, that I planned to do for this wedding I went to this weekend. I needed to do my sister's nails and my mother's nails before mine (in order not to ruin my own mani), but they decided it was time to go before I was able to start my nails!

I was happy I planned to go with nail patchs because it is quick to do, but this was my first try. I ruined at least 4 nails because I had put a basecoat before and the patch were automatically sticking to it and I wasn't able to take the time to put the patch in the right position. So I scrapped some off, and put some other ones on top of the mess I did when I was scrapping >< OMG it was so frustrating!

Without the fact that I had no chance to do it right I am pretty amazed with those patchs so I decided to take pics after all and show you guys! I never put the lace stickers I planned to because I wanted to keep them for a a better basecolor application.

So I grabbed those patchs in sale (-70%) in January, because the normal price is really high.
The shade is N°06 Impeccable Beige.

These patchs are told to be 100% nail polish and the instructions tell us to apply it to a naked nail without any base/topcoat.
I planned to apply just my nail care product (Mavala - Scientifique) but I'd damaged my nail with my razor the afternoon before. So I decided to apply a base after all. I don't think that is a good or bad idea, the patchs are nail polish but it is not gonna stain or harm your body so much because a lot of chemicals are already evaporated. If you apply a basecoat it can smooth the surface of your nail and hide imperfections, but you're gonna have only one try to put the patch in the right position!

I also think that  it'll last longer if there is no basecoat, their own time of wear is two weeks (tested by my friend!), I think tha tif you add a basecoat, it'll las the weartime of the basecoat.
I'd say that if your nails are badly damaged, or that you'll put some topcoat on top of the patch, apply a base.


I am really pleased with the quality of these patchs. They are really soft so (if you don't forget to peel the protective plastic like me first) they adapt themselves to the shape of the nail, you can really manage to apply they crease-free!

I cannot really test the wear time, but as I said, my friend had them for two weeks and she removed them because of the nail growth! With my own experience of two days, I did a lot of things including swimming by the sea and putting my hands in the sand and I have no tipwear of chips at all!

For the shape and cut of the patchs, I am really really pleased with the shape but sadly I can see a little pressed outline that pops up with the metallic texture of this color. If I had the time I think I would have re-cut the patch.

Hopefully on this picture you don't really see how bad my index was...

There was no clean up to do, and no smell or dry time. It can last a really long time and can be applied in any place.The patchs also have a good length and they can fit long nails.For a metallic shade like this one, there is no problem of brush strokes!

I think this product is a really good one! The only problem for me is the price (around 10€=12$). I think I'd never bought this without the sale price.

However it can be a really good solution if you're feeling lazy or go on vacation. It does also exist in seasonal colors and patterns!

Are you tempted to try it? Did you already tried it? Let me know what you think please! :)


Candy <3

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