Thursday, June 21, 2012

Traveling Polish : The Wanderer

Hello you all!

Sorry I’ve not been posting a lot the past few days... I’ve been really busy with my short film that will be projected on monday! I’m also going back to my parents for the summer so I need to clean up my appartment etc...

Today I will be showing you The Wanderer! It is a pretty franken polish made by my friend Carrie Sasville. The purpose was to send this polish all over the world! This past 10 days it’s me that is hosting the gorgeous travelling polish. 
This is a Purple Jelly with fine black and fine holo glitters in it:

Here it is shown over  a more blue toned color: Gris lavande by Rouge Baiser. One coat of each! I think The Wanderer must be opaque in two coats.

The application was a bit tricky I admit, the polish tends to dry fast and it becomes goopy if you’re not applying it fast. But then happens the magic, when drying the nail polish smoothes itself perfectly!

I really love that polish and I hope Carrie kept the recipe and will be trying to sell it someday! Thank you Carrie for The Travelling Polish group and this gorgeous polish!

You can find Carrie’s others creations at a reasonable price on her shop: Sassy Lacquer.

Since the next person of The Travelling Polish group didn’t give me her adress yet, I’ve created another mani with The Wanderer! I’ll post it tomorrow ;)

Have a good day!

Candy <3
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