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OPI - Black Spotted !!!

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Today I'm gonna talk to you about a french exclusive OPI: Black Spotted!

Here I'm wearing it over a special polish: The Wanderer this a purple franken made by Carrie Sasville, and it travels the world! I’ve got him with me for one week only! But I’ll talk to you about this polish on an other post, today’s about the OPI!

Here are the pics:

I don't like crackles polishes, but this spotted look is more subtile!


What is this nail polish?

It is an extra of the Spider Man Collection by OPI. This collection is the same in every country, but in France we have an extra: the Black Spotted, as in the us there is a different extra: Shatter The Scales (a green shimmer crackle). Both are interesting I think, but I prefer the spotted look, it is less dirty to my taste. Those polishes are not included in the Spider Man sets of minis.

The Amazing Spider Man


OPI                                   OPI   
Shatter the scales              Black Spotted
        (US)                         (FR Exclusive)


Like a crackle polish, it is meant to be layered over another color. Contrarily to the crackle
the effect appears just when you apply it, you don’t have to wait to see the look. Dark colors won't be really noticeable underneath this black polish! 

*video coming very soon!*
This polish has to be applied in thin layers, if not it’ll not be able to make the spots.
Different applications will lead to different looks: the less brush strokes you use to apply it, the bigger the spots will be. If you insist with a lot of brush strokes the spots will spread: there will be more spots, and they’ll be smaller.

What can be under it?

Like a crackle polish you will have to wait until your first color is COMPLETELY DRY, or you will have strange results! Strangely, if you don't wait, the polish start to crackle where it didn't spotted!

 I kind of think that OPI labo people were trying to get a crackle polish that wasn't doomed to dry inside the bottle and they came up with this look!  Because this polish is very liquid, it will have the tendancy to run into the leaks of the polish underneath if for exemple it is a gritty glitter. This result become a little dirty. You can put a coat of top coat before applying the spotted polish to avoid that.

*It's 1 in the morning, and I forgot to take that pic, oupss*

This polish is so thin that you will get a smooth nail, not like with the crackles.
 This nail polish isn't fully opaque, so if you put it over glitter there will be places where it will look like a jelly sandwich and places where it is just like your glitter polish. This might be cool to use in a galaxy manicure!
Good news, this polish works over transfer foils, and foils resist to it! (foils have the tendency to become dusty and crackled with some top coats).

OPI - Black Spotted over African Jade transfer foil

This polish might a good tool in a lace mani too, I'll try this soon! It offers a TON of possibilities! :)


Some topcoat issues have been experienced with this polish, but I can't say if it was the topcoat that was old or an incompatibility with this particular topcoat. (Tenshi No Hana has had her Essie Good to Good peeling off over OPI - Black Spotted). 
I don’t know if my experience counts, because my top coat is a mix of Seche Vite and Poshé, but I didn’t experienced peeling yet... I’m wearing this mani since 2 days. Maybe I don't have issues because I wrap my tips?
This polish doesn't dry matte like the shatters and it does stay in place without topcoat, but it will get used pretty fast. 

Where to find it
You can find this nail polish in the french Sephora stores where it retails for 13€90. This is the normal price of a regular OPI in France, so maybe we are lucky to have the exclusivity of the access to this polish, usually OPI isn't nice with us!

As I'm a student I'll not be able to swap or take orders for it as my Paypal account is not linked to my bank account and I won't enough money on my bank account. Sorry ladies :/
Some of you might want to go ask to, it is a website ressembling the french NPA community! :)

I hope you liked this post ;)
Bye! <3

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