Thursday, June 28, 2012

Inversed vintage mani!


Do you know which was the way to wear nail polish in the early 20th Century?
This is an ad from the Brand Cutex:

Last week my boyfriend came with a very cool idea! He suggested I could do a reverse of this type of vintage mani!
I began to imagine what color would do the best... Red? That might be too bloody. Black? Then I found which color would make it the more modern: Chrome!

Here is what I came with:

I used Stargazer 232 for the silver, and just base coat and topcoat! :)

The application of a chrome nail polish is very tricky, especially when you paint just parts of the nail: it makes a lot of brush strokes. I had a hard time trying to avoid the storkes but it was worth it!

I really like this look, I find it modern and classy :3

Did you like it? Let me know! :)

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  1. I love it! & love seeing a new upcoming blogger :) I'm totally a follower now.

  2. Thank you Betty :) You are my first comment and it makes me happy you love what I do! :)

  3. This is really pretty!! An awesome idea too! Love it, and totally going to try it as soon as possible, though i don't know if i could do it so perfectly free hand! :)

  4. Thank you Vibes ncnm :) Let me know the results if you try it! It might be easier with french guides than freehand if you plan to make it with a polish that shows brush strokes ;)


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