Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hi all!
Welcome to my new nail blog!

I wanted to get back into nail blogging, which I had stopped with my studies, because I didn't have time to paint my nails a lot and also I didn't have access to a camera in our appartment.
But my bf's stepfather has been really kind to give us his old camera, what will now make a difference! I'm also at the end of my work in my short film so I have some time to give to nail art!

I'll try to upload my old articles I've written on my old blog (, it does not work yet...
I also need to work on the design of my blog, so it might not be stable in the days coming, sorry for that!

There also something I wanted to do: do you know any way I could translate my blog myself? I now it can be translated by google and be the same website, but I want to translate it myself for the french girls... Do you have any ideas for me? I need your help, thank you!

My first will not be the less exciting because I'm gonna talk to you about a french exclusive OPI: Black Spotted!

See you soon! <3
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